Friday 3 October 2008

Cheats sometimes prosper...

There's been a bit of talk in 'blogland' of late about Denyse Schmidt's cheater quilt fabric - or any fabric that is already printed with a patchwork-style design to make it really quick and easy to make into a quilt.

This fabric is the sewing mum's equivalent!

You buy it by the metre from Spotlight pre-shirred.

That's right - no more hand-winding elastic onto the bobbin, stretching out the fabric and sewing rows of straight and hopefully even lines.

Obviously the colour range is limited - so the elastic and bobbin are in no way retired.
I know it's the lazy way of sewing, but cut me some slack, new baby and all!

3/4 of a metre gave me enough for a little 'around the house' dress each and a matching dress for dolly, of course.

Since taking these pics I removed the back shoulder ties and now tie the two front ones around their neck halter-style as I got tired of the shoulder straps slipping off busy little shoulders.


Little Munchkins said...

Oooh, they are very pretty dresses. I was thinking, I like the white one, nope I like the blue one too, I like them both!

I haven't seen this fabric at my SL though. I think it is a great fabric for a simple yet cute dress.

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Oh I love it!!! Aren't they just gorgeous dresses. I love your pram bag too!!!! Very nice.

Cass said...

Great dresses Karen. I actually saw that Denyse Schmidt quilt fabric last week and it looks great.

Andrea said...

Thanks for the link to the DS fabric, it looks great.
Love the little dresses for the girls, the matching dolly outfits are just adorable.

Ruby Girl said...

I saw them in a Spotlight at Albury on the long weekend while down that way visiting friends, it is a great idea. They look cute in their new dresses, that is a good idea to tie it halter neck so they don't slip of shoulders.

LBA said...

What a great idea !

I'm all for shortcuts. I actually own a 'cheater's quilt' which I love, it's gorgeous ;)

Kylie said...

The little dresses look great - I saw them at Spotlight only the other day (in Albury too Ruby Girl - our spotlight is so badly set up I can not get in there with a pram!)

Well done and I think that you are doing a great job with what you manage to do with three little ones.

Sue said...

I made some of those same dresses about a month ago for my daughter. I bought the butterfly and ladybug fabrics and they turned out so nicely. Yours look very cute too.