Friday 22 August 2008

Baby love

Babies have a way of bringing out the best in people and our little Miss G is no exception, with people extending amazing generosity toward her in these first few weeks of her life.

Two of my blogging/sewing buddies were kind enough to hand-make gifts for her, something that a fellow crafty-type always greatly appreciates.

Cass of Snailblazer made this sweet play quilt with a cute nursery rhyme print teamed with coloured chenielle squares that are soft and fluffy and also a gorgeous rabbit named Lilac. This gift was on our doorstep when we arrived home, it's just taken me a little while to blog it!

Cass is a very generous person who spends more time making fabulous things to give away to others than on things for herself.
Then Novy of Little Munchkins sent us this gorgeous outfit, with the most perfect topstitching I have ever seen. I even asked her if she had a tip or trade secret to share as to how she did it - but there's no secret, she's just really good at it!

Thanks girls for your generous gifts, they have come to a loving home.

When I was visiting this market I found a perfect little pair of red cotton shoes to go with the outfit Novy made, and of course couldn't resist because every girl needs a pair of red shoes.

My mum spent many hours working on a quilt for Georgia, complete with her name on it. It's the hardest thing in the world to photograph in a way that will do it justice, as it is all in cream with vintage-style cotton lace trim between each of the 12 panels that make up the front.

The panels are a series of farm animals - from a pig and chickens to a dog and horse, all of Old MacDonald's farm make an appearance.

They are all hand-stitched on and then later hand-quilted, as well as the decorative border and also the name at the top. It's in the style known as Candlewicking, and will last her a lifetime.

We're taking lots of time to cuddle the small lovely person who is now part of our lives.
She's a wonderful baby, sleeping for hours during the night, feeding well and generally smelling delicious.
We think we'll keep her!


Cass said...

Karen, nice to see a photo of Georgia. Glad you liked the gift.

LBA said...

She looks like a tall baby !

And lovely gifts you got. I came home to a freshly baked lasagne ( with accompanying bread & salad ! )on my doorstep .. aint friends grand ?


Little Munchkins said...

I am glad you like the outfit too. I think those shoes goes perfectly with the outfit. Cass did a fantastic job with the quilt and Lilac, and how awesome is the quilt your mum made!

P/S : If you decide not to keep Miss G, can I have her? :P

fallen~from~grace said...

The gifts are gorgeous, Miss Georgia is a very lucky little girl :) That quilt your mum made is breathtaking! It's so detailed and that piggy is the cutest!

I can't wait until I have another newborn in the house, I love that newborn smell!