Monday 5 May 2008

Is this nesting???

I'm in 'finishing off mode'.
You know - getting to all those things you'd planned to do but not yet found the time for.

Like finishing the apple dacks and matching top that have been underway for a while for Miss A

and two more of these tops from Ottobre.

And things like shortening some pants for the girls, repairing some little cute pink bathers with leg stitching undone, at last tracing a pattern and sending it off to Charity (it's on its way!!) and finally fulfilling one third of the Pay-It-Forward promise made way back here.

This parcel has now been received by Jen. Some pants and an appliqued T for her little man and a tissue pouch and some coasters for herself.

I am working my way through the last two parcels, but let's not state a sending date!

I also cleaned out my sewing room - figured I should make some space ready for the new purchases I hope to get in a few weeks on my very first fabric shopping tour (hell on a bus according to my husband!).

Then we had a hailstorm - so that gave me something else to do, clean up a few odd leaks from what was a huge deluge and calm a hail-fearing screaming toddler.

So what now?

I'll have to see where the sewing whim takes me I guess.


Andrea said...

Love the little apple set for Miss A Karen, a very cute combo.

Bec said...

Those outfits look terrific!! And uh, does sound a bit like nesting :P

Cass said...

Karen, great outfits. I love the one you sent to Jen.

Charity said...

Yay, Karen, thank you! It's just finally starting to get warm here, so I'll be watching for the pattern. :0)

I love the apple outfit, so sweet.

Little Munchkins said...

I love the apple set too. Very cute.

I tried sewing the Ottobre top too but stuffed up with the shoulders (didn't stabilise it properly) so it went to the WIP pile and I forgot all about it until I saw these ones you sewed. I really love the style of that top so I should get back to it.