Wednesday 20 February 2008

Monkey business

Now that she has safely arrived at her destination I thought it would be OK to post a pic of the sewn part of the Valentine's swap I sent to Cass.

I have been told my sense of humour is a little left-of-centre so I was very pleased that Cass not only understood, but understood and loves her new monkey-friend.

This is Sock-J-Cregg, the sock-monkey equivalent of the wonderful West Wing character CJ Cregg. Cass is a fellow West Wing fan so I thought she might also love this quirky character. For other fans - she has her goldfish called Gail in one hand and a handbag with a copy of the music to 'The Jackal' in the other. The handbag is also relevant as Toby once said she could use it to help fight a war should she be sent to the front-line.

In true CJ style she is glammed up in an evening frock (probably a Vera Wang) with some pearls on and of course she has her signature red hair.

She was lots of fun to make and as the girls fell in love with the new "mut-me" (aka Monkey) I have decided down the track to make them one each.

On the weekend I popped into Spotlight to get a rell of cotton and ended up coming home with a metre each of these very vibrant winter cord prints.

The plan is to team these tops with white T's (long or short sleeved depending on the weather) and a pair of jeans, so I think the brightness should work OK.

I used a pattern the very kind and talented Ingrid sent to me, which was supposed to be for summer tops but I think it makes a very versatile winter item and plan to make a few more.


Charity said...

The little tops are too sweet! I can see them being really versatile. :0)

Bec said...

That sock monkey is gorgeous.She has so much personality!!! Beautiful tops too :)

Corrie said...

ohhh which spotlight did you get those fabrics! I don't think I've seen them in mine and might need to travel!!!!

also we got 2 pairs of puddle jumper shoes and lurve them! I've given out the website so many times to people who are envying her shoes and they're so lovely and soft!


Natalie said...

The tops you made are just adorable! Great idea using the cord for them, kind of a pini top! I love the sock monkey too, very creative.

Unknown said...

The sock monkey looks very cute sitting there in her chair and the pinni's are beautiful.

Unknown said...

LOVE the monkey!
And I am glad you like the patterns. Those little dresses look adorable!

Katherine said...

The sock monkey is charming! Love the details you gave her. Very fun.

Mmmmm... those tops are so cute! The fabric is so playful - love it.

Unknown said...

Me again :-)
I have tagged you for a meme. Hope you dont mind. Details are on my blog.