Tuesday 21 August 2007

Lolly legs

I'm making inroads (slowly) into the girls' summer/spring clothing and while these pants were cut out a few weeks back I only finished them today.

Dave has christened them the 'musk stick' pants, though he assures me he likes the colour! I might make an appliqued shirt to go with them and of course, every girl's favourite accessory, a yo-yo hairclip.

Despite being a size 2 I think I might make Miss A's pair a little bigger as I'd like them to last for a while, at least until Christmas, so a little more room would be good.

This is something I do to all the pants I make for the girls now, I like to call it 'Daddy proofing'!

With this little snippet of ribbon in the back it's guaranteed that no little girl will walk around with her pants on back-to-front.

And believe me, when you are dressing a squirming 17 month-old it can happen!


Heids said...

They look great - I love the bright colours and the "daddy proofing" is an excellent idea - think I will have to adopt that one!

Juni said...

I love the idea for the daddy proof tag. I was fluffing around with my first pair of pants today wondering which was the front and back myself! :o

Sahra said...

Gorgeous pants Karen! Your girls will look so cute come summer!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh, musk stick flash back!! Hello, found you off a link from Kylie. I have twin girls too, almost 6, where does the time go?? I also sew, something i had to do to save me from morning sickness insanity with my first daughter, double that with twins & well i was just dying last time round. Happy sewing, love Posie

Jen said...

Very Cute pants! I sew ribbon into the back of all the pants I make too, not just for daddy tho!! :)