Wednesday 18 July 2007

Let's start at the very beginning...

Those who know me would realise that nothing could be more appropriate than to start my first post with with a reference to that all-time movie favourite, The Sound of Music. Of course some of you may have now instantly stopped reading on that basis alone!

So what am I doing here... hmmm... let's see.

Well I decided to set up this blog to keep those of you who are interested up to date with the going's on of myself, my lovely (if now slightly old) husband and our two darling daughters.

It's also a means of sharing my various crafty creations, which in turn might inspire me to create more, thus using more of my fabric stash and saving my marriage!!

OK - that's enough for now. I need to get organised with some photo's which means calling Canon to wrestle with them about getting our camera fixed.

So Ciao for now.


Kylie said...

Welcome to blogland - cant wait to see photos of your creations. Kylie

Nikkou said...

i love how you've started it out! :]
...and, no... i didn't stop reading at the Sound of Music mention. :]