Wednesday 14 March 2012

Birthday tradition

We have a tradition of marking the girls' height on a door frame each year on their birthdays.

Here are the figures for this year.

If we ever make up our minds about renovating/moving we will certainly be taking this piece of timber with us.

It has the height of each girl since birth - and they love standing there and checking themselves against what they used to be, or comparing where their little sister is now.

They are both still tracking nicely to be models, basketballers or, as there is a great interest in words and reading here, very tall librarians!


Ellieboo said...

Ive been meaning to buy a measuring chart of some sort for little un but still haven't got around to it - if I wasn't renting I would be taking texta to the wall just like you :) Love it.

Belinda said...

Very tall librarians are fantastic! They can reach all the books on the top shelves!!

rachelmp said...

I just had to check. Maya measures 120.5 at 6 and a half. Your girls are positively model or librarian material. We have a wall I couldn't paint over

Seaweed and Raine said...

They will certainly be able to reach the books on the high shelves! :)
I have a 4 year old that was 113.5cm a couple of weeks before Christmas... maybe they can start a tall person's library! ;)

Cas said...

maybe theyre just getting in early?? either that or look out puberty!! whatever the path, theyre bound to be gorgeous :)

Sally said...

Geez... they're almost as tall as me!