Sunday 11 December 2011

A gathered gift

A lovely lady recently had a special birthday and while I wanted to respect her 'no gifts' request - I couldn't resist a little handmade something for her, as I know handmade is something she appreciates.

I also felt it was an appropriate way to acknowledge our friendship based on the fact that we met at SIT in Sydney earlier this year, something for which I'd like to thank Sheridan!

I'd read lots of great reviews about Noodlehead's free 'Gathered Clutch' tutorial and was keen to give it a go as it seemed like a useful and cute gift.

So I trawled through many colour combo's in my stash before deciding on the earthy tones of this Sandi Henderson water lily print teamed with a dot.

The perfect size for a party. 

A splash of Sandi Henderson Henna Garden colour on the inside because she's a girl for bold colour combo's!

Inside divider and pockets too, these came out a little loose!

And a little something that smells good slipped inside for luck! (Mor lychee flower soap).

If you haven't tried their products, do yourself a favour and do! Luscious is the word that best describes them.

This clutch is the perfect size to take to a party when you are child-free and just want to take keys, credit card/money, tissues and some lip gloss.

It was a well written tutorial and very enjoyable to sew.
In fact, the only thing I'd change next time is I don't know that I would put the internal divider or pockets in as they came out a little loose in my version and I don't really know that they are necessary in a small clutch such as this.

I hope the birthday girl likes it and that she had a wonderful birthday.


Jennifer said...

I agree on the divider - the first time I made one I used the divider, but on subsequent times I have ommitted them. I think it works better without them.

Cas said...

gorgeous, I'm sure she will love it.

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

What a thoughtful gift Karen

ARTwendy ... said...

hey hey!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thankyou ....
I love that Ginger blossom too ... blogged about it way back ... Dec 09 ... I have a quilt half made that matches!!! Thankyou for my thoughtful handmade gift ... will be treasured!

sophie said...

I have used that tutorial before and it's fantastic. I love the gift, so simple and pretty.