Sunday 11 December 2011

Advent at last!

Ok so I know that a fair chunk of December has gone already - I am a bit behind.
But better late than never, right?!

Cutting and pasting can be quite therapeutic

Even though I started my 'fancy-keepsake-handmade-in-felt-advent-calendar' in May - I never got it done...

Easy to make and inexpensive too.
So in the last few days I made up a cheap, quick and easy advent using readily available items; card, paper punches, bakers twine, pegs and envelopes.

One of the messages is to do a family dance - that one was fun!!

The messages inside are things that we will do for fun, things that involve family and togetherness and things that encourage our children to live the spirit of Christmas by giving to those who have less than them, or sharing Christmas experiences with those who may not have many others around them to do so.

Lined up and ready to hang

It was really easy to make.
I printed out the gorgeous free decorations from Allsorts.

Cut them in a circle with a paper punch then did a series of numbers that I cut with a flower-shaped paper punch.

Oops - 24 looks about to slip off!

I glued some bakers twine that I got from here between the two pieces in a loop - so it looked like a medal.

Put a message in each envelope - looped the string around and pegged them onto some more twine that I hung up.

Excuse the bad lighting - in the day the blind is transparent so it's hard to photograph.
And there you have it - done!

Cathie made a really cute calendar using noodle boxes, go and check it out (and drool over her baking while you are there!)

Let me know if you made one too and I will share the link.


Cathie said...

super cute idea! it's never too late.
love the activities you have planned, the girls will love them.

thanks for the shout out, you are awesome! ♥

Catherine said...

Love the little envelopes - and I'll be adding the 'Write a letter to a friend' idea to our list of activities for next year. This was the first year for us, so far so good!