Thursday 20 October 2011

She likes to ride...

Part of incorporating more exercise into my days has involved working out how to manage it with the kids.

My older two girls have kinder twice a week for 5.5 hours - and that's the only 'one child' time I have, so I thought it made sense to try and exercise in that time.

Earlier in the year when I was only doing an outdoor exercise program, we sold the 'fancy' pram and got a good old Mountain Buggy which is far more suitable for exercise running/walking.

And someone loves it...

In her 'tent' as she calls it!

Snug and warm, with snack in hand, on a cold winter day.
She's a lovely little running buddy - she never complains about coming along, just climbs up and straps herself in ready to go.

Wired for sound and of course with sunglasses on
We often have to bring her things along - there's a teddy poking out from underneath in the shot above and there's a handbag underneath in the shot below, though you can't see it.

Earlier today ready for a run and then a play at the park.
There have been occasions when she has fallen asleep in there as I run, and sometimes if I ask what she said to me I am told "I was just singing Mama".

Her weight and the added weight of the pram as I run certainly makes for a decent workout - especially on a windy day when the canopy fills up!

All she asks is for a play at the park after we run - and that's never too much to ask.

When you commit to being a stay-at-home-parent sometimes it's just about thinking about your life differently and fitting things in, in the best way you can.
Who knows what delights you might discover along the way - like a child who loves to 'run' with you.


Liz said...

That's so cute Karen and what a buddy to run with, couldn't pick a better one I think..

Belinda said...

Oh I bought a Mountain Buggy when Layla was born (Bugaboo was abandoned) as I realised that James was suddenly keen to be in the pram again. It is a wonderful piece of equipment. I am sure we will still get a couple more years out of it too.
Now I just need to up the usage for the school 'walk'.

sophie said...

I agree! I now only work out in the evenings when the girls are in bed, I love to run at night, it's kind of cold and fresh and I blast the music. I could never strap Eva in a stroller, she cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes and so I fit my work outs around the kids and study because that is what works best for all of us.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Mountain Buggy's are awesome. My bother curently has ours (We still have our Phil & Teds as it has the second seat). They turn on a 5 cent piece and are easy to run with.
I think it's great that you have a running buddy - you will get some good memory making Mummy-Daughter moments, I'm sure! Love the photos.
S xo