Wednesday 12 October 2011

Running buddies

One of the best things about exercising more and eating better has been the rub off onto our children.

Here are my two 'running buddies'. 

They can't run as far or as fast as me but they are extra cute and they have such lolloping puppy-like running styles that they are fun to have along.

Miss L informed me that she dressed to be my 'twin' and then needed a ponytail just like mine.

Miss A did manage two laps of a 400m oval, with a big grin on her face the entire way. 
Not bad for a five year old I reckon.

Here's us showing you our muscles!
Just because we can!


Tracy said...

Well done all.

Carolyn said...

now we know why she was so tired yesterday ;)

Kelly Casanova said...

Good for you all!

Selina said...

Well done! LOL at the muscles! My kids are far too slow to run with! (Not that I can run yet!)

Nikki said...

Fantastic for so many reasons Karen! Not only do they have a mumma who can sew, they have a mumme who can run.

Anonymous said...

Looking great, girl, looking GREAT!!

elizabeth said...

I just found your blog through someone's elses (but I now can't remember whose..) and I love all of your sewing adventures!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at you! You are looking amazing (not that you didn't before), fantastic effort.