Sunday 23 October 2011

The glory of a fete

We went to a fete today at a local church - they were raising money for an orphanage in South India so we were happy to contribute and to take a few goodies home in the process, like this golden find!

Do you remember these from when you were a kid?? I do.

I would swear that this set came straight from the 70's and had never been touched.
It's probably been sitting in someone's cupboard for years by the look of it.

The man said he wanted $1 for it - but that just felt like stealing so we gave him more, which is even easier to do when it's for a cause.

The smallest child used them to make herself a puppy.  See the two red ears and red tail?
I think it's sort of 'reindeer-ish'!

Imagination is a wonderous thing isn't it.

PS - thanks for the good wishes for our little kinder festival - the weather last weekend was glorious, we had a huge turnout and made about four times as much money as last year (when it rained!) so can do lots of good in the kinder with that.


Becky said...

Jealous!! I love this a lot, especially the puppy!

justmejay said...

Oh! We had this when we were kids! I'd forgotten all about it! Thanks for the memory :-)