Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sprouting up

No not the child, (although that is right too!), the dress.

Keep your eyes peeled over at Toni's blog for the release of Big Sprout - the upsized pattern for the fabulous winter dress, Sprout.

My girls love their Sprout dresses - they live in them over winter - and I love that they are always so warm and comfortable in them and that they love them so much, which makes choosing an outfit in the morning a breeze.

Big Sprout is just as easy to make as Sprout - and lined with flannelette it is cosy and warm.
For kinder, Miss A just pops on some tights and her 'kinder' boots - the ones that seem to always end up with scuffed toes and we're away.

This is such a great winter pattern to have in your stash - and I was onto Toni about upsizing it from the size 5 as my taller than average chick needed a larger one this year.

Can you tell she's pleased with it???

And yes for those of you with an eye for fabric detail - that is Denyse Schmidt you see, picked up at Spotlight and teamed with some standard red flannelette for 'pop' factor.

Go out and grab yourself a Big Sprout - you'll be glad you did.


rachelmp said...

Looks great in the larger size. I bet you get heaps of use from this pattern for your girls.

Tas said...

That is great news. I love the Sprout that I made last year but my daughter has grown out of it.

Miss Prudence said...

Oh I will check it out - Miss M wears size 9 even though she is 7 - not chubby just TALL.

So good to meet you - I had a fabulous time meeting everyone, I really enjoyed the SAY group - see you Monday week? Fortnightly Yes?


Steph said...

Gorgeous! The dress and the poppet!! Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Ooh, I like that very, very much!

red in oz said...

Looks great! Beth loves hers, I think I'll be making another before the winter is out.

Cass said...

I love this one Karen. Great use of fabric

sophie said...

Gorgeous! And how about that smile!

make it perfect said...

cute! but you already know that :)

Carolyn said...

big sprout for the georgeous girl in her kindy boots! love it!

Corrie said...

gorgeous! girl and dress! can I just say how fast your girls are growing and how grown up they are looking!!!!!!!!