Wednesday 29 June 2011

A reason to consider shag pile carpet...

It's been ages since I shared any of the amusing things I hear said, or hear myself saying as a result of behaviour witnessed around the house, so here are a few of late that might give you a giggle.

We've been thinking about renovating and it will involve adding an upstairs level where the girls' bedrooms will be located.
The two five-year-olds are very excited about this prospect and have drawn elaborate plans of how their rooms will look.

Then this conversation took place:
Miss A - "Dad, I want a hard floor in my new bedroom, a wooden floor."
D - "What for?"
Miss A - in an incredulous voice "Tap dancing of course!"

Ahh, of course.... is shag pile coming back in....

Photo completely unrelated to anything, it's just a lovely pic of two of my favourite people.

Looking at a big crafty creative mess on the floor of the study while the girls' craft table remained bare I asked...
"Girls where do you think you should make a big mess, on the floor or on the craft table?"
Miss L's response "Both!"

Lyrics from Fairy Dancing gone wrong...
"Just listen to your clothes and point your toes..."

If you are unfortunate enough to also be familiar with the lyrics you'd know it should be ;
"Just listen real close and point your toes".

After seeing me weigh myself Miss A asked;
"Mum can I weigh my feet too??"
I explained that you actually weigh your entire body when you step onto the scales. She listened, looked at me a little quizzically, then repeated her earlier question!

And not to forget the smallest child;
We couldn't figure out what Miss G wanted when she had finished her dinner and was sitting at the table asking us;
"Can I be the table?"

As her frustration and the volume at which she asked grew, we realised she was asking;
"Can I leave the table"!

And finally - the sign of true love:
Miss A did a drawing while at kinder of a small girl with long hair that looped up at the ends and the caption "I love G...."
Miss G on receiving it - "A, why you draw me with long hair"
Miss A "Just because I do."
Miss G "Because you love me A?"
Miss A "Yeah, that's why."

True love if ever I heard of it.

I hope there is some true love and laughter in your day today.

PS - feel free to share your funny story in the comments, they always make my day.


bec said...

Oh, they are too funny! I still think misheard lyrics are the best, but mine is getting a bit sensitive when I laugh now! Haven't remembered anything fuinnier than the seal comment lately. we'll be seeing you Friday night anyway!

Unknown said...

I love the "can I weigh my feet' question! funny stories here...we're all a bit too old! :(

Nikki said...

Precious moments!!!I must rememebr to write down a bit more of what goes on around here....