Monday 27 June 2011

Girl crush and thoughts on style

I've developed a bit of a girl crush on this fabulous lady.

It's singer, Adele, in case you haven't heard of her, and you'd probably have to be living under a rock to not have by now!! (I'm just saying...)

Not only does she have THE most amazing voice she has this incredible sense of style and presence that belies her 23 years.

Take a few minutes to watch this and you'll see what I mean...

This young lady, well, little more than a girl really, has a signature style that makes her look as though she has been plucked out of 1950's London and dropped down behind a microphone in 2011.

She's all sultry eyes, sweeping capes with big collars, simple shapes and swept up hair.

And I envy her....
I've never been someone with an inherent sense of style, who knows what looks good with what, or who can pull off something a little different.
Where does that come from?

This lady has it too - in fact she reminds me very much of Adele, if a slightly older version (that's not too offensive is it Ingrid!!??).
She could wear a paper bag, add a cute little brooch and it would still look great.

So what about you??
Do you have a signature style?? A style ethos that you subscribe to?

And, more importantly, do you have any tips that you can share with those less style-fortunate folk such as myself???

Oh, by the way, There has been sewing here - quite a bit that I haven't shown you of late really, done to loud off key singing (from me) to the sounds of Adele.

My camera was on loan to a friend - it's back now so I will attempt to catch up in the next few days.


Seaweed and Raine said...

I once read a quote that went something like this...
Style is the ability to put/wear something a certain way - regardless of what others do - and have it work for YOU. Last summer when I saw a certain catalog, I hoped I would be seriously OUT of style with what was in their mag, as I knew that none of it would suit me.
Don't be afraid to wear things that no-one else does (if they look good on you and you love them)

mountainwildlife said...

Isn't she AMAZING?!! I Love her too!Although, I only crawled out from under that rock and heard about her last month (actually saw her on the Graham Norton show- she is really funny!) and I was blown away when she sang- complete contrast to her chat-show larking about persona. I too sing along very loudly, and not so well as Ms Adele I might add.

(If you check out her older videos, you might see she didn't quite have the same style a few years ago, but she is is great we won't hold that against her!)

Unknown said...

Seriously Karen, if you put me anywhere near the same style category as Adele, you could call me her great grandmother and I would still be flattered!
You are far too sweet and kind and have completely made my day (which I needed after a nightmare shopping episode looking for warm pants yesterday that left me extremely deflated).
The only tip I have is once you have figured out what works for you then stick to it. Don't be influenced too much by current trends and fashions. I have a horrid memory of trying on a pair of harem pants but thankfully came to my senses before leaving the change room.
Thanks again. You are an absolute darling for being so kind.

Tas said...

I saw Adele a few weeks back on Graham Norton. I love that such a divine singing voice is followed up with such a gorgeous Pommy accent.

The inner me has a vintage chic style. The outer me is working on it. Turfing the shapeless post-pregnancy clothes as I can and slowly building my wardrobe up with an eclectic mix of bought new, bought oppy and hand made or knitted.

Carolyn said...

what a stunning voice.

Tyler-BabyLuxDesign said...

Adele...lovely girl, had not seen that video yet thanks for posting it.


Belinda said...

Sorry I can't help. I have no style. Boo hoo....

Natalie said...

I too am kind of coming out of a rock as I hadn't heard of her before - but after going to her website I had heard her songs before - I'm off to buy her CD when I'm out doing some ME shopping this weekend, thank you!!!

Cathie said...

i lufff her too!!!
I am off to listen to the song now..thank you ♥

Cathie said...

I'm still on here listening to one after the other...♥

sarah said...

Oh my! Her voice is gorgeous! I was living under a rock :) Gotta go find her CD now ! Thanks for the video.