Monday 20 July 2009

Cracking good

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be one of eight crafty-types who got together with Kirsty for her HAC (Have A Crack) craft session.

The aim was to make, as she says, "something from nothing" with her.
The very handy something is a multi-tasker that Kirsty designed, and which uses a large number of recycled/reclaimed items in the construction.
Most used vintage or op shopped fabric but this piece of Aunty Cookie fabric took my eye immediately, mmmm lovely!

So we traced, cut, sprayed, measured, glued and pegged our multi-taskers into shape over the course of the afternoon.

It wasn't all hard work and no play of course, there was champagne, cheese and biscuits to sustain us through the afternoon! And there was chatting and getting to know each other too of course.

This fabulous tool can be used for all manner of things such as tracing onto fabric (the sandpaper surface), it has a cutting mat, a leatherette surface which can be used to assist in piecing fabric and when you open it out and turn it over it's an irnoning board.

It had it's first run on Saturday night and proved perfect for ironing and cutting interfacing for the smallest's birthday shirt and is on the kitchen bench as I write this waiting for the iron to heat up for some bias binding to be ironed.

Check out all the gals here.

Thanks for a fab afternoon Kirsty.


Kirsty said...

You did a beautiful job Karen & of course the Cookie fabric is magnificent. There's always got to be a little bit of gold in amongst the quartz doesn't there?

Thanks for coming along I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with you & shall wave madly in your general direction on the run. x

Cass said...

Great job Karen, very disappointed I live too far away