Thursday 29 May 2008

Fabric love

Today Corrie and her gorgeous little girl Keira came around for a play and a walk to see the ducks.

Corrie bought with her a humungous bag of fabric, buttons, trims and patterns that she no longer has a home for, as she culls her stash to return to Sydney.

There were lots of pieces of gorgeous Japanese fabric with cute characters from her online range which will be perfect for appliques.

I spent a wonderful afternoon sorting through and folding up all the pieces of fabric and browsing the patterns. One book includes a little girls smock which is perfect as I soon hope to make one for the girls as they are getting more into painting.

Thanks Corrie - it was very generous of you to share the fabric love! Your fabric has come to a home where it will be loved and appreciated.


Charity said...

What amazing fabric! :0)

Cass said...

Wow Karen you got some great stuff from Corrie

Corrie said...

glad it went to a good home....I know I'll make lots more little bits of fabric as I go along

happy sewing and thank you for the lovely baby goods..they are in fabulous condition and now I just need the little babies to go in them!


Lily Mulholland said...

Lucky, lucky you!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness - I've started reading a bit more, noticed where you buy your fabric, and thought you were local - but now - I can just about SEE the ducks from my place, you've probably walked past my front gate to get there!

I also have a serious fabric addiction, as did my mother before me, and I have 3 kids, 2 pre-schoolers and a bub.

Lovely to meet you in blogland, and congrats on your beautiful family and exquisite sewing and crafts!

You'll have to join Sunday Stash and share some of your addiction.