Monday, 6 August 2007

Seasonal fruit

I've been wanting for ages to make these little cross-backed tops for the girls for summer and after giving it a go am really happy with how easy they are to do, and plan to make them a staple item for this summer.

This one is too small for my two chicks but I'm going to give it to a friend with a little one a few months younger, and make a couple of adjustments for the next ones. Like move the buttons a little so the ends of the straps don't stick up quite so much, and of course make them a little bigger.

I love this fabric, it's very fresh and summery and I teamed it with spots, which always take my fancy.
I'm planning to make a few more with some of the gorgeous fabric I got from here a while ago.

The orange birds will be the outer for Miss A with the orange dots on the inside, teamed with pants in the blue.

While the girls in the city fabric will be the outer for Miss L, with the pink/red pattern inside and the red dots for pants.

Can't wait to get started....


Kylie said...

Oh I love that fabric - I actually have some sitting here to make Amelia a skirt - might end up being a panel skirt of a twirly one! Great job - and I cant wait to see the others made up - the fabrics are gorgeous!

Lily Mulholland said...

Oh oh oh oh where did you get that divine red and aqua fabric?

Gorgeous, gorgeous, well done! Love to see one on!

Heids said...

Love the tops - I make them for Miss Grace also they look fab and are so quick and easy - love you colour combos - stunning!