Sunday, 5 August 2007

Going yo-yo

Finally, a sewing post!!

As the girls' hair is getting longer, we're getting into clips but I can never seem to find one that matches what they are wearing, just when I want it. So the solution has been to make a few of these little yo-yo clips.

They literally take 10 minutes from start to finish and can be whipped up from scraps.

I'm planning to make lots for Christmas this year, and they might be nice for in party bags next year when the girls turn two.

Something I made a little while back was some winter pj's. I have been a little disappointed with how the flanelette pants pilled after washing, but as it was thrifted fabric and they cost me less than 50 cents a pair, I guess they're still good value.

The tops are from my husband's work and I just appliqued a teddy onto each tummy, which is an endless source of entertainment for the girls.


Natalie said...

The hair clips are adorable and a great idea! I want to make some for a friends daughter as the bought ones don't stay in her fine hair. The pjs look great too (I need to make my boys another pair actually!)

Kylie said...

The hair clips are very cute - I did a few last year to give as gifts in Christmas colours and sewed a button on to cover up the middle bit!