Thursday, 19 July 2007

Rocketman, well Spaceboy really

I thought I'd share a couple of softies made from a really cool pattern I bought from the Wee Wonderful's blog, full of gorgeous things designed by the very talented Hillary Lang.

This is Spaceboy James with his goggles;

.... and without his goggles

and this is his friend and flying associate Spaceboy Frankie.

Both of these little guys have now gone to live with their prospective owners, one in Connecticut in the US and one just up the road from my place. The first one I made was for a brand new baby, Oliver, but I didn't get a pic of him to share.

I first saw this little guy on Jhoanna's blog and was just looking for an excuse to buy the pattern when Oliver arrived. It is so easy to make, and I like that it's a good toy for a boy as often softies can be a bit girl focused.

That said of course I have made a couple more for our two girls and will post pictures of them at some other time. They now look a little worse for wear having had their felt eyes picked off in that time between when they wake up in their cots and when they call out to me they are ready to get up..... the 'no eyes' thing makes them look a little creepy so I'll fix them then show you!

Thanks to Kylie for my very first ever blog comment - yay!! Hopefully soon things here will be more interesting to look at because the good news is my camera is being fixed, it will be ready in two weeks, I guess I can wait.

Enjoy your day


Kylie said...

Oh I have admired him for a while on her site - But not having a little boy to make one for. Might have to look at getting the pattern - we have a new nephew coming in September and would be perfect for Christmas!

Unknown said...

These little guys look ready to take on the universe! So cute! I have admired Hilary's patterns as well, she does such lovely things.

Corrie said...

welcome karen!!!!! great to see a new EB sewer and blogger! can't wait to see what else you do and buying fabric is all I spend my money on...oh and wool, patterns, craft books....its normal totally normal

Lily Mulholland said...

Hi Karen - thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE the rocket men!! Especially the goggles - too cute. I slightly adapted the kitty/bunny/bear patten for the 'boy' versions and reduced the 'dress' to a 'romper' LOL the things we do, eh?

Nikkou said...

oh wow karen!!! they are just too cute... you've done wonderfully on them!!! if you make one for your new nephew, he'll absolutely love them!!

Jen said...

Hi Karen,
I just love love love the little space boys! So cute. Will file that in the memory bank for future reference!