Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Babushka Ja Ja

Russian dolls, nesting dollls, little Matryoshka's - call them what you will, I love these little ladies!

For those of you 'old' enough to remember the Cate Bush song referred to in the title, I guarantee the tune will now be rolling around in your head all day - as it constantly is in mine.

A few months back I created a little Russian lady on a Cotton On Kids top for my lovely niece Sophie, for her birthday.

I was keen to try out the fancy stitches on what was then, my new sewing machine, so with a set of dolls and a fridge magnet for reference I made it from felt and stitched it on.

Super easy I must say - and I think pretty cute too!

(sorry about the quality of these pics, photography is not my forte!)


Kylie said...

Oh that is the sweetest. Amelia was playing with those little dolls at the market the other day and I was tempted to buy her a set - but they were made in China and a little two glittery IYKWIM!

Lily Mulholland said...

Karen that's very, very cute and very inspired too! I bought DD a set in Dubai when passing through and it's an Arab family - the largest is the sheik and the smallest is a little girl child, complete with headscarf! Too funny. (and not very PC, but it was made there and who am I to knock back a bit of kitsch!)

Karen said...

Kylie there's a fabulous shop in Melbourne (Block Arcade I think) dedicated to Babushka's. It might make a great Christmas gift for Ameila.

Lily your comment reminded me of the set of "Russian Presidents" nesting dolls my Father-in-law bought in Moscow! Boris Yeltsin the doll!!

Anonymous said...

You love matryoshkas??? I'm very shocked! ;-)))

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love Babushka dolls! I brought my grandmother a set for her birthday, they were blue not red.. She loved them!! I have yet to find the "right" set for myself... One day though!!

I am not very old (only 24) but I love Kate Bush so I know the song well :-)