Friday 5 September 2014

A magnificent villain

Let me clarify that title - I am not saying I am a magnificent villain - but rather that Malificent, the wicked fairy from Sleeping Beauty is a particularly magnificent villain.
So when the school trivia night was on earlier this year with the theme of 'Heroes and Villains' I chose to go as a villain.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know that this all took place a while ago - but I thought it might help someone who needs a costume idea.
I won't attempt to catch up on all my sewing over the last few months - just a few things here and there...

I thought it would be a pretty easy costume to make and there was not much too it.

I felt that the horns were the major part of the costume so I started with them.
I scrunched up some newspaper and then using packing tape, taped it into shape with the curves and pointed ends.
Next I fastened these to a headband using felt and lots of hot glue from the hot glue gun.

Lastly to get the gnarled finish to them I cut bias strips of fabric - the same as what I used for the cape and wrapped them around the horns and base.

They were quite tall and it was a little hard to look down when I had them on but they certainly had impact - and left no doubt as to who I was.

I also made up a cape using pattern Simplicity 8289 - which I have had for ages and is a good one to have in the stash, I suspect it is out of print now.

I made the cape up using black satin outer and deep purple lining.  To get the pointed collar I modified the shape of the collar and lined it with very firm interfacing.

 It didn't really stay up exactly the way I had hoped but it was pretty good.

I couldn't find a black bird so I asked Mr Google and found a pattern to make a crow (sorry can't find the link now), but I should have left the legs black or grey as my crow looked a little too cheerful!

Then just a simple long black dress that I had in my wardrobe, some pointed eyebrows and darkened cheekbones and we were good to go.


Unknown said...

Just magnificent Malificent

Jane said...

Oh brilliant - yes the horns really make it!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Yep - you'd scare me in that caper if we met in a dark alley! :)
Nice to see you back in the blog sphere (you might even inspire me to get off my backside and do the same!!! lol)

Jenny from Ohjoh said...


Ellieboo said...

You look pretty darn magnificent to me. Fantastic costume!