Tuesday 7 January 2014

So, what have I been doing??

Days for Girls kits provide vital sanitary supplies for girls in developing countries
Despite the lack of blogging there has certainly not been a lack of sewing here - just that I either forgot to photograph it or didn't think it was interesting enough!!

I made a bunch of things for the kinder fete, then the school fair, some skirts for a lovely friend to give her daughters for Christmas, a special parting gift for the smallest child to give to her kinder as her foray into school brings an end our association with them.

Then I made my first ever Men's shirt for a "summer Santa" to wear at the school market which lead me to make my Father-in-law a Negroni shirt for Christmas (I got the pattern from the lovely ladies at The Drapery in Adelaide).

As well as that, in the last week, with the help of my lovely niece, I completed the remainder of the bags for the Days for Girls kits we started working on back in October and the first very colourful ten kits are now on their way to a group of girls in Zanzibar.

There's new sewing on my table too - summery shorts for long-legged children!

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