Saturday 11 January 2014

A Christmas Negroni

My Father-in-law is perhaps the easiest person in the world to buy for.
He has a very quirky sense of humour, enjoys a good joke gift and is also quite widely read and interested in many different topics.
Being an artist he is also very attuned to hand-crafted items and loves to receive something made just for him.

See the water over his left shoulder, nice view for breakfast each morning!
In the past I have made him a hat and some shorts and they have both been very well received and worn a lot, so after trying my hand at a simple men's shirt pattern and finding it relatively stress-free to make, I decided to give the slightly more technical, Negroni by Walden (Colette) patterns a go for his Christmas present.

I'd like to have made this a size smaller but he is very happy with the 'relaxed' fit of this shirt.
The Negroni has had great reviews from many people on Pattern Review and on blogs throughout the world.

Lara has made a couple for Mr Thornberry including the wonderful fish (as opposed to fishing!) shirt, Leith has also made two, including this lovely Liberty one and has plans for a few more and there are lots of great versions over here at Very Purple Person.

The pattern is slim-fit, and although it is not something I have ever been aware of, my husband said my father-in-law is a little conscious if his middle. For this reason, when cutting the shirt I straightened out the sides, not coming in at the waist to the extent of the pattern.
Pleats on either side of the back yoke for ease of movement
This is the XL and I feel it's a little too big for him, see how it's dropping off at the shoulders, particularly in the first photo. But he was delighted with it and, despite having also been given a shirt by my Mother-in-law, he immediately put mine on and wore it all Christmas day.

I didn't get a picture of it, but because of the method of construction, the inside of the shirt has a lovely neat finished look.

You can see in the picture above I offset the pattern of the fabric for the pocket by 45 degrees so it could be seen, as without this little detail the shirt is very simple.

Other features of this pattern are the two pleats in the back, providing great ease around the shoulders for movement and flat-felled seams throughout.
It was my first attempt at flat-felled seams and although mine are nowhere near perfect I was pretty happy with the result.

After he had worn it Christmas Day I did take it back and shorten the sleeves by 6cm (the shortened sleeves are shown in these photos) as they were quite long and he preferred this length.

If you are thinking of sewing one - the sewalong that was run by Peter of Male Pattern Boldness, when the pattern was first released, is worth having a look at.

PATTERN:        Negroni
                           Purchased online from The Drapery, SA.

DESIGNER:      Walden by Colette Patterns

FABRIC:            Linen blend that is remarkably crease-free purchased at a one day sale at an Italian
                            fabric wholesaler.


Copper Patch said...

Ooh I love it but I love his cheeky grin more!
There's something extra special about gifting something handmade to someone who 'gets it'.

Unknown said...

I have the Negroni in my to-do list too. It is great to see your hand-made gift appreciated.

Sally said...

What an awesome gift. It looks like a really comfortable shirt. Great stuff.

Loving the new look for your blog too. So fresh. Might have to give mine the once over soon... when I find a spare moment (*snort*)