Monday 18 November 2013

The end of the earth...

I've been sewing - there was a lot created at Sewjourn last week, nothing for me, but my head wasn't in the right space to pack for me when the time came.

Here's a glimpse of where we spent the Cup Day Long Weekend (yep, here in Melbourne we get a public Holiday for a horse race - pretty amazing huh!).

We went to what is the 'end' of the mainland here - the most southern tip of mainland Australia - Wilson's Promontory National Park - a really beautiful part of the world.

It was quiet and peaceful and we spent hours reading and talking and walking and playing.
It was bliss.

Despite the 117km hour winds that tested our tent...!


Jane said...

Looks gorgeous! Yikes on the tent... The landscape looks a lot like Kangaroo Island.

pandchintz said...

Looks like a great long weekend!

Sally said...

Oh... gusty. We're thinking of packing up our mob for our first camping trip in January ... any tips???