Friday 22 November 2013

Flowers in the garden

A dress for Miss L in her favourite colour - blue - or a version of blue that she loves.

Pleated bodice and flutter sleeves for this geranium
It's a great little pattern - PDF so it arrives quickly and there are lots of options you can choose from; dress or tunic/swing top, flutter or faux capped sleeves, gathered or pleated bodice and three neck options too.

I went with flutter sleeves and pleated bodice.

This is the size 8 - again a little roomy, I was being lazy/playing it safe.
I should have made a smaller size and lengthened it as i always say my kids are thin but tall...
Still, when you are making things when they are not with you there is always the feeling that it's best to play it safe and just make it a size bigger to be sure it fits.

She's starting to get shy about having her photo taken...
This fabric is something that I picked up in the free stash swapping that went on at Crafty Hijinx in Ballarat in September.  
The lovely Ms B-fab has a dress in this fabric too - I need to get the two girls together for a photo shoot in their matching frocks I think!

The bodice on this dress is lined - it's nicely constructed and despite my growlings at one point during construction, the instructions are well-written, I had missed reading a step is all!

Pearly pink buttons to finish off down the back
I did a rolled hem on the flutter sleeves because I prefer that look and other than this I made no alterations.

One more 'made in Sewjourn' frock to go, I also got halfway through a sixth dress but it may be a while before I get it finished given ballet concerts, school fair sewing, and kinder meetings!

This dress might be on quite high rotation on the machine I think as there are lots of options to make each one look different and it's a sweet, girly, easy-to-wear dress.


nicole said...

I was thinking the fabric looked SUPER familiar ha ha!
Looks beautiful!

Sally said...

Always nice to have a free and easy loose fitting dress for the hot days of summer. It looks lovely on. Such gorgeous sleeves.

... and another beautiful daughter.

Ruly truly - you're so blessed!