Monday 25 November 2013

City Adventure

This cute girl starts school next year and with the end of the year looming I am enjoying taking her on a few special adventures of late.

We've been to the museum, to a gymnastics centre and last week ventured to Heide, all with another little friend.

This week it was a joint adventure with her lovely aunt - to the city.

First off a trip on the train...

Such a happy little travelling companion.
Which is always exciting - particularly through the tunnels...

Peering into the darkness..,
Then we had a trip on the City Circle tram down to Docklands for morning tea.
She was very excited to see a double decker bus and insisted I take a photo of it with her!

Tourist bus in the background!
Next up was the Reading Room at the Victorian State Library, a truly majestic space.

Like stepping back in time...
Including an up-close look at the domed ceiling that was restored in 2002.

Viewed from the highest level via a lift.
We then headed down into the Bourke Street Mall to admire the decorations and look at all the people...

We did check for trams before walking here!
And a quick stop at the Myer windows, with the theme of The Gingerbread baby this year.

No matter what we think the kids are always riveted
It was lovely not to have to fight the weekend crowds  I must say!

My baby with the Gingerbread Baby
Next up it was off to the arcades and we checked out Gog and Magog though we didn't hear them chime...
Beautiful old architecture
And of course the Block Arcade with it's beautiful tessellated floors...

You don't see tiling like this in shopping precincts any more
It was a really lovely day, there's nothing quite like playing tourist in your own city.

Have you been on any adventures lately??


Jenny from Ohjoh said...

What lovely pics - ah, you are making me miss Melbourne more!
Enjoy the little outings with your last. I walked around lost and in circles for most of term 1 when my smallest started school last year and was glad we did some special mum things before too.

pandchintz said...

What a lovely trip in our Melbourne town! Such fun! And I love your daughter's outfit.