Sunday 21 April 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013"

The weeks seem to be flying past and I seem to only blog my photos each week, still that's better than nothing I suppose!

'Middle' Miss had a big week.
She took out third place in the school cross-country for girls in her grade - no small feat when there are about 50 competitors in there, and she's not a particularly competitive child.

We think the lure of the medal did it.
She wore it all evening, even when she had changed into her PJ's and put it back on after school the next day too.
Surprise medal
'Big' Miss is conquering riding her new bike brilliantly.
There's nothing this kid won't have a go at.
When she's on the seat her feet can't touch the ground, something not many seven-year-olds would be comfortable with.
She takes a spill and gets right back on.
I admire her determination and courage, all done with a cheeky, shy smile.
Outdoors girl
'Little' Miss seems to be riding off away from, me day by day.
While this is just a photo, it shows what I often feel, that Little Miss Independence is leaving me behind all too quickly.
Bicycling Bush 'baby'
Playing along again with Che and Fidel.

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Bron said...

Congrats to your big girl....she should be proud of herself. xx