Sunday 24 March 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

I'm really enjoying this process - it makes me look at what the girls do and think about who they are as individuals, and I hope it will also improve my photography skills along the way.

This little lady LOVES to read.
She devours books in a way that I remember doing as a child.
Every spare moment she has she picks up a book; she retains facts in a truly remarkable way for her age and is reading books way beyond what is expected of her years.
While all that is lovely, it's the fact that she just genuinely loves to read with such a passion and that it gives her such delight that makes me so happy.
It's a lifelong love that we foster at every opportunity.

Here she reads a bedtime story to her sisters, "Tessa snaps snakes" - by possibly her all-time favourite author, Alison Lester.
Such a grown up pose for a little girl.  She's in 'teacher' mode!
While the shot below shows all three girls - it's the portrait I chose this week for the smallest kid because for me this is truly reflective of her personality.

If she doesn't end up on the stage I will be amazed.
She loves a theatrical entry into a room, with arms spread and a loud 'ta-da' to be heard.
She sings 'opera' at the top of her lungs through the house.
She constantly makes up voices and characters and tells outlandish stories that are a pure delight.
And clearly she decided that she should be the centre of attention in this photo too!

It's all about her isn't it??
This little lady is having a huge year - with so much more self-confidence than last year.
We worked out it was a peer who was making her doubt herself and now, having been separated from that child, she is blossoming.

With that - her gorgeous cheeky smile has returned, the sparkle is back in her eye and it makes me so very, very happy to see it.

In case you were wondering, the cow is fibreglass!
Playing along at Che and Fidel if you want to join in.

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