Monday 21 January 2013

Summer in the city

In between tripping off to the beach and visiting family and friends, we have been lucky enough to spend some time in the city, with friends and by ourselves.

A trip to the Victorian Opera performance of Sleeping Beauty (a fabulous show, unfortunately finished now) was followed up by a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Federation Square to see the exhibition "Just sing what you feel".

We were really keen to see this exhibition as the artist is a family friend and a really lovely person who has such enthusiasm for what he does, it can't help but rub off on you.

Jon Campbell is passionate about suburban life, slang and everyday language, pop culture and rock 'n' roll music.
He has combined these loves into a really fun and interactive exhibition people of all ages.

Once it was discovered these were magnets the fun was on!
The exhibition is really interactive - with the first space being a room filled with magnets of assorted sizes, both illustrative and graphic, that represent elements of a typical suburban back yard.

The girls had a lovely time relocating the magnets around the room into various groupings or collections.

As is her nature, the small kid wanted to make a 'family' of cockatoos!
Next up was the chance to record a duet with Jon in a small sound booth.  Once you were done you could email the file home to enjoy later.

The girls had waaaay too much fun in here singing into the microphone.

A singalong with Jon was fun for all
Lastly was the chance to contribute to the installation by making a flag with a word on each side.
These were made using only pink and green writing tools, to coordinate with the 'yeah' flags that were around the room, a word that Jon uses regularly in his day to day speech.

Never kids to miss an art and craft opportunity...
The flags were then positioned into one of two large 'yeah's' on the wall for all to enjoy.
By just using the pink and green the result was visually really striking.

Two exhibits this size have been filled and refilled multiple times over
The girls enjoyed this exhibition so much that when we found ourselves in the city again the next day they insisted going again to 'show Dad'.
It's a winner.

It's on until Feb 17th so there's plenty of time to pop in.
Oh and it's also free entry, so now you've got no excuse.

The next day we visited another fabulous haunt - the Ian Potter Children's Garden at the Botanic Gardens, and following a picnic with a gorgeous friend we took some time and explored this fabulous space.

The characters from The Magic Pudding are always a hit for a pose or two...
Cute little garden fairy!
Only one cheesy grin - not bad odds!
And you can't go past a kiss from a koala...
She's a smoocher!
These two lovely statues had been up and down towers, in and out of trees and following waterways (which unfortunately were not running this day) before climbing up the stone bridges.

Standing on one of the stone bridges...
There is also a vegetable garden filled with such delights as Green Zebra tomatoes and purple king beans.

Also free, it is open every day from 10am until sunset.

That should keep you busy for a day or so and I will be back with some actual sewing by then!


Shell said...

That exhibition looks fantastic, thanks for sharing. We love the Children's Garden too, were just there a week ago.

ARTwendy ... said...

yeah! .... oh & as per usual love that your three magic puddings are all wearing handmade!