Monday 3 December 2012

A day in the hills

Life has been busy lately - a little too busy for my liking.
There's not enough time to stop and breathe, or spend time together.
So this weekend we grabbed a lovely friend, piled in the car and headed to the hills.

Yes they do taste as amazing as they look!
It's berry and cherry season here.
We planned at first to pick berries but as Saturday had been a beautiful day the berry farms had been picked-out and hence are closed for a few days.
So cherries it was.

Having a Dad who is 195cm (6ft 5 inches) has its advantages!
We all grabbed a bucket, boarded the mini bus and headed for the orchards.

There was plenty of this...

You are allowed to eat as much as you like...
Which resulted in this...

Yes, that second front tooth is hanging by a thread!
And then 'The guy who lives here' and Miss G's other favourite guy decided to engage in a pip-spitting competition, classy I know!

The bemused looks on the girls faces sums it up for me!
We took picked close to 5kg of cherries but bought two, that will keep us going for a while anyway.

Butter wouldn't melt would it... hmmm
Oh yeah, they have sour cherries as well!

And it was important to wear your cat tail on adventure such as this!

Fruit picking is a lovely family outing.
Apart from wandering in the fresh air together and engaging in the teamwork of picking, there are lessons of nature to be learned along the way.

After we browsed through the shops in Olinda and had some lovely wood-fired pizza.
A very pleasant, relaxing, reviving day.

Goodbye cherries - we'll see you again next year.

PS - sorry for my recent absence - I had a major Picasa problem - it seems a few bloggers have had this lately...

A huge thank you to Bec for passing on some information from Lisa that has saved the day.
After all, a blog post without pics is just, well, kind of dull!


bec said...

yay, it worked! Glad our instructions helped. I've bookmarked this for a weekend soon, looks fantastic!

ARTwendy ... said...

cheery tails ... cherry tales! love it ...