Thursday 25 October 2012

Random kindness

There are few things I love more than a giving a gift you know the recipient will love.
You know, the sort where you can hardly contain yourself as you give it to them and want to help them rip it open...

The other thing I love is the 'random' gift.
The one that is not for any occasion, just because you saw it and it spoke to you of someone else.

I've been lucky enough to receive two such gifts in the past six or so months.
Things that friends have seen and that have made them think of me, and they were both kind enough to buy them for me and give them to me, for no reason.
Just because.

This little book is not only a book that has a Heather Bailey fabric pattern as the cover (as if that's not enough!!), it is also a book of words, 'Words to make you sound intelligent' no less!

If there are two things I love, it is words and fabric!
I'm known by some of my friends as "The Grammar Queen"... need I say more!

Tan saw this and the combination of fabulous fabric designer and quirky words made her think of me.
And that alone makes it special.

Another non-sewing or blogging girlfriend saw this for me earlier in the year and after first having to enquire what it was (!!) when she realised it was a tape measure and that it was covered with little drawings of fashion through the decades, she knew it would be something I would love.
And I do.

So much that I don't actually use it - it just stays in my sewing room to be admired and to look pretty!

Perhaps the best thing about both of these gifts is that whenever they catch my eye, they make me think of the girls who gave them to me, and how lucky I am to receive the gift of their friendship in an ongoing manner.

And for that I am truly grateful.


thornberry said...

You have such terrific friends - possibly because you are such a terrific friend yourself. What lovely gifts!

Tas said...

Ooooh, that tape measure! Love it.

Bronwyn said...

ooh I would love that book! I will have to look it up - great pressies Karen!

Cass said...

Great gifts, that tape measure is lovely.

Unknown said...

That tape measure is lovely. Those gifts were probably not very expensive, but the thought that went into them makes them valuable. What awesome friends you have :)

Annie said...

Love the random gifts. I have one of these tape measures and use it all the time. It's a good quality thick one. The book is a lovely idea. We are looking at figurative language in class at the moment, and it is so much fun.

Sally said...

Gorgeous! That tape measure is something special indeed. Lucky you!