Sunday 7 October 2012

KCWC - it's on again!

I got such a lot done in the last KCWC in April by dedicating as little as an hour a day to sewing that I have decided to join in again, though not for Fall sewing - but some summer dress sewing.

It's a simple premise, spend one hour a day for seven days tracing, cutting or sewing garments for your child or children, and by the end of the week you will find you have got a lot done.

On the Elsie Marley blog you will find heaps of inspiration and there is a Flickr group of everyone's creations to inspire you if you find yourself in a rut.

It starts on Monday - aaah tomorrow - so jump in at the deep end with me and give it a go.
Tomorrow you could plan what you want to sew and then Tuesday you could get stuck into it.

How about it??
Are you in?

Click here for more details.


AJ said...

Very tempting!

rachelmp said...

An hour a day is luxury for me, but I am planning on making a couple of sailboat skirts and maybe even cutting out a bit for Sewjourn. Looking forward to seeing what you get done!

Jane said...

Yes I think I'm going to give it a whirl too, I didn't last time and felt a bit left out! I tried to put a button on my blog but they were all to wide for my sidebar... but thanks for the prod, I should do some planning.

nicole said...

can't wait to see what you create!

sophie said...

Yes! Can't wait.

ARTwendy ... said...

arhhhh you are a brave woman ... I should be ....