Friday 5 October 2012

Hula hooping

As is always the way here - if one item gets made - two more are requested!

This truly is a very quick whip-up, and being reversible it's like two skirts in one.

I often turn around to find that the smallest child has emerged from her room wearing a 'new' skirt as she likes to switch it from dogs to squares during the day, just for entertainment I think!

I love that when I ask these two to be in a picture together this is their instant position, arm in arm...
though being on the downside of the hill makes Miss L look shorter when compared to A than she actually is!

It was a little windy so they are flippy skirts!

This one is made from the Oliver+s range 'City Weekend' and is a size eight.
I could have gone for a seven as this is a tiny bit big around the hips - but she doesn't seem to mind!

By complete coincidence a lovely fabric enabling friend today sent her a hair tie in the green fabric - she's very pleased about that! Thanks Belinda.

Obviously the other side is green with a pink contrast
This one is again using the Aneela Hoey range 'Sherbet Pips', the same line the beloved dogs come from.
I really love these scootering people with their scarves flapping in the breeze.

Though as I think I have mentioned before, it's best not to use a print with a motif like this on it as when the flaps are folded over some of the people end up scooting sideways!

Not sure what her fingers are crossed for, maybe that this was going to be the last pic her mum took!!
If you are popping in from Blogtoberfest, welcome, feel free to have a look around and stay a while. If you'd like to, leave me a comment and I will return the visit.

Have a great weekend - I am hoping to actually sew tonight so will be back tomorrow with my evening's activity. (hopefully!)

PS - pop on over to Lara's blog to see her new version of this cute skirt!


Ellieboo said...

The girls look great in their new skirts - Im thinking you have started KCWC early - ha ha.

thornberry said...

Snap snap! I made size 8 for Clare - interesting to see what sizes each of our girls needs. Now I want to make another one - maybe a few of us can have a Hula Hoop skirt sewalong at Sewjourn to get us in the groove!

Belinda said...

Oh wow, that is a coincidence! I didn't have enough pink hair ties on hand, so thought I had better not even send one (for fear of world war 3).... opted for other colours instead. That is the experience that comes from growing up as one of 3 girls, lol.
Love the skirts on the girls! They are looking so grown up.

Unknown said...

That is really cute, Karen. I'm thinking of making Amélie some skirts and see that comes in the smaller sizes. Is yours the digital version or printed?

delmama said...

Lovely skirts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
I've been looking at some of your posts. You are an amazing sewer. Beautiful and clever pieces, especially the bathers.

ARTwendy ... said...

simply flippy & gorgeous ... 1+2+3 ... of nearly everything! sewn perfectly too!

Susan said...

Gorgeous! Love the skirt design, stylish yet age-appropriate.

Trudy said...

What cute skirts on such gorgeous girls!!

Sally said...

Great skirts. Loving how they "lean" on each other in the shot too. Lovely.