Wednesday 8 August 2012

Spin, spin, spin

You know everything on my blog comes in threes by now right??!!

Twirl to your heart's content!
This one came with a matching headband - because I like things to match!

I refuse to pay $15 or more for something that is so simple to make.
A little fiddly, but not at all hard I have to say.

I'll do a tutorial for you on this one sometime soon, she's had lots of compliments on it as she insists on wearing it everywhere!

Perfect for a special occasion
That's it for now for twirly ruffled skirts, we are all twirled out!

PS - I also made the headbands the girls were wearing in the other shot with their skirts. I've included the link to Make It and Love it if you want to make your own.


ARTwendy ... said...

whole lot of twirly gooness ..

Cas said...

very cool :)

Tanya said...

aren't you fancy, video one day, moving photos (?) the next! did the girls wear their twirlys out yesterday? They look very elegant.

nicole said...

ooh that headband is divine!

Cathie said...

i would wear it everywhere too!!