Sunday 5 August 2012

French Connection

I was lucky enough to be an aunt for a number of years before having children.

It's a great luxury to be able to spend time with nieces and nephews alone, and I know now as a parent just how valuable that time was to my sisters and sisters-in-law too!

One of my five gorgeous nieces turned 13 last week and has a love of all things French at the moment, so I couldn't resist this fabric when I saw it at GJ's a few weeks ago.

The ruffles are even - I  just should have 'groomed' them better for this pic!

I went with a basic cushion with a zip at the bottom so it can be taken off for washing, one with three ruffles across it the other with a bow.

The ruffles were done using 'The Beast' and now that it and I are friends it is perfect for jobs such as this - the ruffles are so neat and evenly spaced - almost like little pleats.

This second one was done using this tutorial and I love the effect - very classic I think - well suited to the Parisian fabric.

A French-themed gift tied with a bow.
We teamed these up with a framed version of this Audrey Hepburn quote from Almond Tree Frames - something I think is a great quote for a newly-teenage girl.

Here's hoping she likes it all!


Jenny said...

What a perfect gift for a 13 year old girl! I love all the parisian inspired prints at the moment.

Kylie said...

They look great Karen. I need to come to Melbourne for a fabric shop tour with you.

Annie said...

What a lucky girl to have such a clever and thoughtful aunty

ARTwendy ... said...

oooh la la!! i'm sure it was love at first sight!

Seaweed and Raine said...

C'est bon! I love the bow with the fabric. Your niece is very blessed to have an aunt like you. ...Now if I could just get my aunt to make me some... ;)

Unknown said...

They look great Karen. My 13 year old is totally into all things Paris themed lately, they seem to be popping up in the shops everywhere lately and she is always trying to get me to buy them for her! I'm sure your niece will love them too!