Sunday 22 July 2012

In the bag

Cam has been planning a sewalong for August, and this one I am definitely going to be in.

She's called it the "Choose your own bag adventure".

I've been gathering supplies from here, here and here.

And looking here for inspiration, and here of course.

It's my attempt to get something ready early - really early. The first of the bags for the teachers.

The black is from the Parson Gray 'Curious Nature' range and it was Brianna who inspired it with this quilt she made at Sewjourn.

I'm using the red for the lining - nothing like a pop of colour to brighten up the inside of your bag.

I plan to tackle a few new things with this bag - such as adding a zippered inner panel/top to it, so it can actually be zipped shut. So I want to take some time so I don't have to rush.

Want to join in??
There's plenty of time - and Cam has a great range of Nikki's patterns in her shop.
I can tell you from experience she will get yours to you super-quick and it will be beautifully wrapped too.

Go on, be brave!


CurlyPops said...

Thanks for the lovely shout out Karen. I'm looking forward to a month of bagmaking. That fabric is going to look gorgeous as a Mod!

rachelmp said...

I'm in. I love your fabric choices with the pop of red. I've bought a lot of Curious Nature for a quilt for Ayden too

Seaweed and Raine said...

Oh have fun with that! :) I love the idea of the red lining. I haven't made anything since our son was born 5 weeks ago... I might skip it this time. ;)

Sally said...

Oh my... I really want to play along too... but I still haven't finished the skirt from the May sew along!!! Life is busy!!!

Nikki said...

I'll be watching with interest! :)

nicole said...

ooh! that's going to look lovely!

Ellieboo said...

Well I just might have to join you Karen - can't resist a good sew-a-long. Better nip off to CurlyPops to register