Thursday 7 June 2012

Not I!!

Today was "Little Red Hen" day at school.

The girls have been studying about farms and where food comes from and it culminated in a day today where they dressed up as their favourite character from the story and made bread.

Of course they came home and told me they both wanted to be different characters....

Farmyard friends

Our girls love a good dress up day and embrace them wholeheartedly, as you can see.

So what did I do;

Cat - Fake fur overlocked around the edge then gently hand-stitched to a black long-sleeved T so it can be taken off later.

Tail made from polar fleece and fake fur.
Ears are felt stitched onto a headband - quick and easy.

Then we added a bow around her neck, and her tail as she requested, black boots and leggings and some face paint.

Furry tails all round
For the dog;
I traced an existing jacket and made a pattern for a loose-fitting top she could slip on and off over her head.

Added a slot for the tail to poke through, which has a wire coat hanger in it to give it shape and elastic for around her waist.

Spots are fake fur overlocked then machine sewn on.

Ears are polar fleece and felt sew onto a headband.

Collar is a woven fake leather I found at Spotlight with a black felt circle that actually has her name stitched onto it in hot pink.
There are two jean buttons with stars embossed on them on either side of the collar tag and it has a snap at the back for easy removal if required.

And of course the obligatory face paint and some leggings and boots.

Let's dress up!
The girls told me they were really comfortable all day in these outfits and they certainly beamed when they put them on.


Nicole said...

Oh! Love it :) so much fun, lucky girls at having such a clever mum :)

Annie said...

You are a very good mommy!!

Midge said...

Fantastic. The are very lucky to have such a creative mum. I'm sure they will remember their dress up days as a great part of their school days.

Cas said...

WOW.totally outdone yourself Karen, they look awesome! Very easy clever outfits. Loved the coat hanger idea!

Nikki said...

Gorgeous girls and clever Mamma!

Cass said...

Wow Karen these are awesome. Next time we have a dress up at school I'm commissioning you to make the outfit!!!

Little Munchkins said...

They outfits are fantastic! I am not surprised your girls loved the outfits.
R had storybook day in prep and I had fun sewing for him. I hope A's class will do the same this year so I can sew for her too.

Selina said...

They are fantastic! Love them!

Cas said...

they look fabulous karen, well done :) such clever ideas with maximum effect.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Total cuties. I think the dog collar could easily be adapted to be worn normally too! Bonus! :)

Ellieboo said...

Karen, you are the queen of costumes. The girls look blooming fantastic.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Adorable, so gorgeous to see you this weekend, love Posie