Monday 21 May 2012

Sprouting from Sewjourn

I'm back!

Life's been a little busy around here.

Unfortunately I don't just sew and play with kids - there's a bunch of other stuff I have to fit into my day that keeps me from the sewing machine.

You know, stuff like being on committees for both kinder and school, keeping up with friends and family, assisting in a number of classroom activities in the school with both our older girls (so twice the amount of classroom help!!), chasing work, doing work, helping people with IT/design stuff because they are not very tech savvy, running kids to and from activities, running, going to the gym and of course keeping things running on the home front.

So anyway - the weekend just gone involved none of that. It was one of pure indulgence and fun.
Yep - Sewjourn again!!

I won't go into all that we got up to because what happens at Sewjourn stays at Sewjourn!

Let me sum it up by saying the conversations are enlightening, funny, serious, uplifting, heartfelt and always sincere.

The sewing is creative, inspirational, experimental, enjoyable and relaxing.
The company - wonderful sums it up I think, though there are many other adjectives that could be applied.

There are a few pics to give you a feel for the weekend on Lara's blog.

And here is one of the garments I sewed, a Make It Perfect Sprout dress for Miss G - who doesn't like to wear her sister's hand-me-downs (aaaahhhhh), but who very happily put this new snug and warm dress on today for kinder - with no fuss.

It's always a winner for me this one.

I also sunk my teeth into some StyleArc patterns, a Clever Charlotte I have been wanting to try and finally finished off an Oliver + s cape I cut last winter.

More on those another time....
I need to catch up on some sleep!


Annie said...

She looks beautiful, and ever so happy that her mum is a clever pussy cat

thornberry said...

Didn't that turn out just perfect ( both the girl and the dress!)

Nikki said...

Your 'big girl now' looks adorable in her new dress. Perfect! And yes - wonderful weekend. xxx

Cas said...

very cute fabric & how nice to have her very own :) looks like it was a productive weekend, what luxury !!

Cass said...

Wow she is looking so grown up

make it perfect said...

really cute karen! i can't believe she doesn't like hand-me-downs...especially when she has double of everything to choose from!!!!! glad you had a lovely relaxing weekend away x

Seaweed and Raine said...

Cute fabric! :)
Yes, I get what you mean about doing other things...
I have a few things cut out that need sewing. One day I'll get to them (hopefully before bub arrives!!!)

Looking forward to seeing the Oliver + S. :)

Tanya said...

That dress looks like it fits beautifully. And, yep, G looks pretty happy with her new dress- she's growing up, lovely little poppet. Priviledge and an honour to share such a weekend with you Lovely.

ARTwendy ... said...

so hoot-astic! well done mum! love it!

ARTwendy ... said...

... just re-looked at the fabric ... its all trees ... same range as the owls ... hence my weird comment!

Susan said...

Gorgeous!! Looking forward also to seeing your Style Arc Creation I'd love to have time away like Sewjourn maybe one day... Susan

Sally said...

I know... life can be so hectic... doesn't it know that we need time and energy to sew!
Another gorgeous creation.