Monday 9 April 2012

'Our fave' is my fave

I'm linking up with Jodie over at The Haby Goddess today with 'Make, Grow, Thrift'.

Those who know me will realise that I am not so great at the second two things - though we are working on the 'grow' element with our vegetable garden and fruit trees, so I am joining in with a 'make' item.

I love the draped effect at the front.

I actually made this top a good month or so ago but hadn't had the chance to get a pic and blog it - so I got 'the guy who lives here' to snap a couple of shots for me today.

It's a free pattern - the 'Our Fave' top from the Tessuti blog.

Hmmm - wish he'd told me to turn that sleeve seam under a little...

Lara had made it before and I tried it on at NCB at least a year ago, then it just sat on my 'to do' list for ages, til I got all that lovely stretch fabric.

Ready for take off!

Here's the shape when your arms are out.

While being so big and loose it is probably not the most flattering of tops, it is such a comfortable top to throw on and wear.
Also, in my opinion, looks that bit more dressed up than a T-shirt with jeans.

I have a few more projects planned for this stretch fabric - hope you're not going to get sick of it!

Head on over to Jodie's to share the 'Make, Grow, Thrift' love.


thornberry said...

Well, I love it! And I'm thinking we both need to make another one (sewalong at Sewjourn maybe) given they take about fifteen minutes to make. Love the accessorising too Karen!

Cass said...

Love it Karen looks great with jeans

Cindy said...

It's a fab top and I really like how it looks paired with jeans. Definitely dressier than a regular old t-shirt!

Unknown said...

It looks nice and casual. How did you go with the fabric, do you still have some left?

Kylie said...

I love it - shame I did not see this tutorial before heading to Spotlight - I saw some stripy knit and put it back. Oh well.
It looks great on.

Susie said...

So very stylish!

ARTwendy ... said...

So great to see your smiley striped self! Back in Jakarta today one sleep then heading home!! Have had an INCREDIBLE time .... Have a few posts in store I think!!!

sophie said...

It's gorgeous Karen, you look so good!

Rosie said...

Spotlight had some stripeys at $3 a metre even less in the 40% off sale so I bought 3 metres wish I'd bought more now.

I was going to try a skirt was it is such a beautiful weight stretchy fabric.

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

This style looks perfect on you Karen. I'm sure you will get so much wear from this top.
Thank you so much for linking up this week.