Thursday 5 April 2012

In the wild

I've said it before but...


I've missed having all three of these little lovelies around all the time - so we took the chance to spend some time together doing something we love, visiting the Werribee Open Range Zoo

In with the herd

We went on the bus tour in the new open vehicle so you got an extra close-up view of everything, including this tiny guy below.

This tiny antelope was only days old

There were giraffes, rhinos and zebra on show, this was only a young giraffe.

He has the right of way!

One gorgeous tall and lanky critter (Miss A) watching another!
As is always the way, we learned lots on the tour, kids and adults alike.

Did you know baby zebra are born with brown stripes and as they mature they become black - see this little fella below - his back end is not yet mature!

Miss G suggested they name him Rose
And it's not often you'd allow your own 'cubs' to get this close to a massive lion!

It's amazing the confidence a very thick pane of glass gives you...
They really are majestic beasts.

One of three lions lounging around 

There were also gorillas, monkeys, hippos, camels and to top it all off - an African drummer could be heard throughout the park as you wandered around.

Now this guy had rhythm!
And you can see that perhaps these little chicks miss each other when they aren't together too.


Liz said...

Great photos Karen, love the Werribee zoo and should have been there last week for a photo day but had to pull out, have to go soon though as I just love it...

Sally said...

What an awesome day out!!!