Monday 28 November 2011

Toothy grin

A toothy grin to go with the tooth fairy skirt she's wearing.

Miss L is actually going to be a butterfly for the show, but here's the tooth fairy costume getting a 'test drive'.

To keep their teeth strong tooth fairies munch on carrots!!

Super, super simple and slightly dodgy construction.

Two layers of plain tulle and one of the spotty flocked tulle gathered onto an elastic waistband.

It was see through, so I then made up a basic sheath or tube of stretch fabric to slip on underneath - this protects them from the prickly tulle and means no one's knickers will be on show in the show!

They won't win any awards for garment construction but should be fine for flitting fairies.

In the show they are being worn with white shirts that the girls have painted in the most gorgeous array of brightly coloured rainbow stripes.

Four sleeps to go!


ARTwendy ... said...

flit & fly little fairies ... they will look amazing!!

Tanya said...

I think these are going to be the best dressed kinder kid, ever!