Friday 25 November 2011

Sketchy details

Apart from being a lovely sewist/quilter, Wendy is a clever arty person who has a second blog, all about art for children, and how to encourage their creative endeavours.

Love the little details here - the apples on the tree, with a ladder for picking them and the roll down shade in the window complete with pull-cord.

I recently commented on this post about how I am given many works of art during the course of a day/week, and while they are lovely, I often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume coming from three very creative small people.

A rainbow and a field of rosebuds below it.

Wendy recommended I do exactly as suggested in the blog post and get them each a sketch book to use for all their artwork.

The benefits are twofold - less loose pieces of paper floating around the house and a permanent record of the progression in their art that I can keep for years to come.

A picture of concentration here! Painting is a very serious business.

I grabbed these large spiral bound books while at Zart the other day and the first thing they each wanted to do was decorate the cover - so they can tell who each one belongs to.

I look forward to now seeing the pages filled with pastings, collage, painting, drawing and anything else the girls can think of to express themselves.

Thanks Wendy!

PS - I promise there have been some creative efforts by me too - more in the next post!


Cass said...

Wait until they start school you will be overwhelmed by the stuff they bring home and then at the end of the year Charlotte brings home all her workbooks as well

ARTwendy ... said...

so so wonderful to see little minds intensely absorbed in being creative! love this .... all of it! & the chalk drawings too xxx

Annie said...

It's a great idea- I have done similar and now the chn just love looking back over their books. They are treasures

Sally said...

Great idea.

Managing art can be so tricky. I often scan art onto the computer too. It is a way of keeping it without so much clutter.