Monday 3 October 2011

Dodgy Disney craft

I've made it known before that I am not a big fan of the whole 'Disneyfying' of all things kid related.

Why does every bandaid, tube of toothpaste, biscuit and toy have to be plastered with Princesses and Fairies??
Anyway - I digress...

The older two girls were given lots of gifts for their birthday that forced me to 'embrace the Disney' in their lives a little.
A friend of mine pretty much told me to 'suck it up' and ride the wave - that they will be bored of it all within 18 months.

So here goes....

One of their gifts was this 'Make a Princess Dress' kit that involves putting a small transparency into a rather elaborate 'projector' that then projects the image down onto the paper below.

The child traces the dress design, cuts it out and then puts it onto the doll for a dress with a layered look.

Of course sequins and glitter are then added...

Sometimes with great effort it seems!!
And you're done.

I know she's mine - but gosh this kid has amazing eyes!!
As you can see - the finished result delights small girls everywhere.

So the wrap up:
This kit was incredibly easy for the girls to use - with very little help from me.

They made the dolls and dressed and undressed them for hours (literally) - they played all sorts of imaginative games with the finished dolls (that's the bit I like!!).

All you need to replenish it is more paper for different dresses and we haven't even used all that was in the kit.

While this is not something I would have ever bought for the girls - they LOVE it and the finished results were quick and easy to achieve, and bought lots of pleasure to them.

What about you?
Do your kids do or have or play with anything that doesn't quite sit well with you??


Unknown said...

I'm with you on the toothpaste. Maybe not princesses and fairies, but I have struggled to find toothpaste that is not licensed. So frustrating!

willywagtail said...

This was a great gift because it involves making and then allows make believe but I have to agree that I dislike things which make them aware of and then teach children to follow brands. From my experience this is a bit of a genie in a bottle thing, once it is out it is hard to capture. A good alternative to negotiate is other solid craft teaching products. There is nothing wrong with Barbies, they even fit perfectly in dolls houses, but if left to me they would not have been introduced. However, we received 4 or 5 garbage bags of people's off cast toys at a time when my daughter was around to see them so it was hard to hide. I alos am not too keen on children being entertained with play areas in some shops. Not that I dislike them having fun but what you end up with is a child who whinges in every business that doesn't provide entertainment. Cherrie

Tas said...

I give in- but I chose carefully (most of the time) There is a permanent ban on some Bratz.

But I do have to say that I love a character bandaid- really works at distracting kids from their grief.

Cass said...

Charlotte has never really been in to dolls but the one thing I hated a few years ago were bratz dolls, she got in to them because her best friend had an older sister who was into them. I cant stand them but what can you do, now she's not interested and even if she sees them in the shop now I can tell her no I hate them and she accepts that.
Love that Disney thing might have to look for it for lucys birthday she would love it and so would Charlotte probably

rachelmp said...

Looks like a fun present, and great if it expolores their creativity and keeps them busy. It's nurf guns at our place that I hate. It's the big thing for large boys and small boys and they are so noisy and invasive!

Sally said...

Our children are still pretty young it hasn't been too much of an issue yet. I don't buy too much commerical stuff for the kids so our friends often get them that sort of stuff because they feel 'sorry' for them!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

We kept barbie at bay for 5 years but now (2 and a half years later) there are 12+ dolls in our house (yep lots of Aunts who like an easy gift). We do, however, have a quiet ban on Bratz. The girls aren't interested in them either which is great.
I find the pull of technology more difficult than the branding. We don't have any for kids but my 10 year old wants an iphone touch because some friends have one. Sorry mate, not happening.

Kylie said...

I have had to give up and ride the wave as well. Amelia got polly pocket (little tiny things that they are - would you believe that she got three different types and all different sizes and clothes aghhhh) and beados.
I have a SIL that always buys something tacky for them for Christmas.

The Princess does look very cute:)

Becky said...

I have not had to worry about this yet, but I know the day is coming...