Thursday 9 June 2011

Ta Da!

At last here are the finished pics.

They are not great - I'd been wearing the skirt and as you will see (from the fact that I am wearing the same boots and shirt) I just popped each skirt on for a few quick pics.

Regardless - here you go:

All done - and getting lots of wear - though soon some waist darts might be in order!
It's really comfortable to wear - quite long which is how I like them but perhaps a little too roomy around the waist, so I will modify my pattern slightly for next time.

I love the colours and the binding on the edge shows dots on the back section but not on the front - just the way the bias worked out - and I actually really like that.

Oops - should have given it an iron before photographing!
This one was my first practice skirt (to make sure I was giving you decent instructions!) and I wear it lots too.

It's made from some super-cheap $2/m stretch denim I got on the shopping trip at Sew It Together earlier this year and I sewed on some Anna Maria Horner and Patty Young Mezzanine dots to give it a point of interest.

I've left the edges of the circles raw and want them to fray in the wash, they look a bit stiff and proper here.

Hmm - should have smoothed that wrinkle out too!

And here's another one.
These skirts are on high rotation in my wardrobe - now I must make a few tops to go with them and complete the look!

This one is in some lovely Echino I bought from Patchwork on Central Park.  

It has a 'feature panel' as part of the design as it was a border print so there had to be some 'fancy' cutting - thanks to Lara for pointing me in the right direction with this while we were at Sewjourn.

I actually like the extra panel so much I wear it at the front.

Again - apologies about the lack of ironing!!
Another 'practice' version - I love this one so much - Echino = Yum!
I originally intended to put this binding on the inside - but rather liked it on the outside - so that's where it stayed!

Note to self - be aware of placement of small green birds...
So there you go, a new winter wardrobe of skirts for me.

What did I learn.....?

  • That I will most likely not buy another skirt for me again - it's that easy to make them.
  • That zips are really not that scary.
  • That a great piece of fabric - or a number joined together and embellished - provides the basis for a great skirt.
  • That it's really nice to have people comment on something you are wearing and when they ask where you got it be able to say "I made it".

How about you?
Did you skirtalong?
What did you learn?


Maxabella said...

These are really special. I love the patterns and the red and white against the denim. Really lovely job. x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

I have some Echino that I bought for a skirt too....but never imagined that I would actually be able to make one!

I've almost finished my Prints Charming one, and very happy with it! (Even though my sewing is super dodgy!)

Thanks for the sewalong!

Tas said...

I didn't skirtalong but they are gorgeous. I am living in jeans at the moment in this cold snap but I love wearing my (evergrowing) wardrobe of A line skirts that I have made. They are so versatile.

Cathie said...!! well done Karen, absolutely fabulous!
they look amazing, really do, love the circle one especially. tempted... ♥

Cass said...

Wow they look fantastic well done

trash said...

Gorgeous skirtage.

I didn't join in but I keep hearing the siren call of those skirts...

suzy said...

The skirt looks fantastic! I just put a link to the sew-a-long from the Prints Charming blog.

red in oz said...

They look great Karen, I love the Echino print.

Tyler-Baby Lux Design said...

hi there. I don't normally comment here...but I just had to pay compliments on that last the pink fabrics you put together....cheers- tyler

Natalie said...

I just love the skirts you've made Karen - thank you so much for taking the time to do this sew along, I really need to make some new skirts for myself!

Gillian R said...

Karen, you have done exceptionally well. Seeing your multiple skirts inspires me to make more too! I especially love the last skirt. Dare I say your 'bird butt' is quite cute. The bird that is..... I think I'll stop there. ;)

thornberry said...

Okay Karen, skirts number 3 and 4 are almost finished and I have finally used up both Prints Charming packs - can't believe how much fabric was in them! Great tutorials and marvellous inspiration.

Sally said...

Karen - BRAVO! All three skirts are marvellous. Really really wonderful. YAY!

cazza said...

Lovely skirts. where did you get the denim from?