Tuesday 8 March 2011

Flowery fun

I was supposed to have this finished before Christmas to go with the pettiskirts - but you know how that goes, Christmas madness and all.

On Saturday night we had an engagement party to go to so I whipped out all the pieces of satin I had previously cut and curled the edges of and put this together with the hot glue gun in (literally) ten minutes - maybe less.

I asked Miss L if she thought it should have one flower or two - she went with two of course, she's a girl who believes more is more, and who can fault her.

It looks seriously adorable with her pettiskirt and amazing blue eyes the colour of the small flower - really.

Whip one up for yourself - it's Ashleys great idea.


Anonymous said...

tooo cute!!!

Cindy said...

How about that dress??? Of course you made it right? That fabric looks familiar - & from what I can see, it looks great!

Jennifer said...

These are great. Thanks for linking that tutorial - I can see a few of these for Ella

Annie said...

Very Cute

Kylie said...

Very Cute - these are on my list to do - might have to do something about it this week as we have a cocktail party to go to and the kids are invited along as well:)