Tuesday 22 February 2011

Quite a character....

This kid is a crack up.

She's funny, quirky, independent, headstrong and bright as a button.
Her teen years are going to be hell - don't you think?!

We spent a day at Werribee Open Range Zoo recently.
It's a great place to visit, go there if you live in Melbourne, you won't be disappointed.

They have a new African Hunting Dog exhibit they are promoting.
We took a dog home - in the pram.
That's her above with her African Hunting Dog mask.

Then they all had a play in the hipppo's mouth before we ventured over to watch the real hippos being fed (at the end of a busy day - look at the tired eyes!).

We also went out on the bus to see giraffes, rhinos, zebra and rare onyx roaming around and coming up really close to look at us.

A great family outing, and one we will do again.


Nic said...

oooh is an open range zoo like a safari park? Marcus would love it.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Looks like a fun day all round! :)
By the time your youngest and my 2 are teens - make sure you give me a call and we can commiserate with each other! LOL
The girls all look adorable, and it's lovely to see some of your creations being put to good use :)

Little Munchkins said...

One place to add to my places-to-go list then. Looks like a fun place!