Friday 28 January 2011

The very lucky country

Some people have been through a lot of hardship lately in Australia, but there are many days when I get up and am reminded why this great land of ours is referred to as The Lucky Country.

We had a great time celebrating Australia Day, in what can only be referred to as, truly Aussie fashion.

By eating a giant Anzac biscuit my nine year old niece made (all by herself) in the shape of Australia

By throwing some snags on the barbie in a State Forest surrounded by gum trees and (I kid you not) laughing kookaburras, and following them up with marshamllows cooked over the embers.

By then taking to the surf and seeing on our daughter's face that moment of pure joy and adrenalin when you really 'get onto' a wave!

Or the pleasure of just enjoying a paddle.

We all know there are few things better than getting onto the same wave as both your sister and your cousin!

But it's Toni and Carli's bringing together a community of people and the amazing results (as indicated by the pink umbrella in my sidebar), that really make me proud to be an Aussie.

And to quote fellow crafty blogger Jodie "God help the next person who disparages crafters or "internet friends" in my hearing.

We all, collectively, when we are needed, are awesome."
Hear hear Jodie!


Tanya said...

Lovely post Karen. I was heard to say on several occasions on Wednesday what a great country we live in. We celebrated with an impromptu 'barbie' with the neighbours and of course the cricket was on in the background.
I love that cherry fabric!

Nic said...

Great post Karen :) looks like you had a wonderful Australia Day! It's fantastic that we collectively managed to raise almost $100,000!

Little Munchkins said...

I totally agree with you! I am still amazed that all us bloggers managed to raise that much.

P/S: Would those be the bathers you sewed?

sophie said...

Is that red and white polka dot the sneak peak? can't wait to see more!

Sally said...

What a wonderful Australia day! Looks like SO much fun.