Monday 8 November 2010

Ticket to ride

The 'big' girls are really proficient on their bikes now, with training wheels, and love nothing more than a long bike ride with me.

We are really lucky to live close to a fantastic bike path that leads to parks, ovals, ducks on a pond and takes us over bridges and through tunnels. But what to do with the smallest child??

We looked at the child seats that are behind the rider but she's too tall and heading toward the maximum weight, so it wasn't going to be viable for long.

We considered the trailers but felt that she wasn't really involved or out in the fresh air enough with this option.

Then we found the Trail-Gator.
Problem solved.

Now she's got her ticket to ride!

We had our first test ride Sunday morning, and after once or twice activating her own brakes, she soon learned that if she wanted to keep up with the pack she just had to keep her balance, sit and hold tight and off we would go.

Every time I turned around all I could see was her beaming from ear to ear.
Just what I like to see.

PS - in that last post did you notice the mid-calf dress lengths?? Now refer to the pic in my blog header which was taken in January, when they were floor length!


Cass said...

Very cute

Little Munchkins said...

I can see how much she loves it! Now lots of long bike rides for all of you :)

rachelmp said...

Just so cute. Your girls have grown so much. Mine youngest two kids must be ready for a growth spurt soon and I wish my eldest would stop!

Carolyn said...

she looks like she is having an absolute ball!

your girls are very tall, i can see why you always go a size larger when sewing for them.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, I did not notice that your girls have grown so much this year!

Bek said...

Your girls have grown SO MUCH this year! Cool bike thingamy too.