Monday 20 September 2010

I think I failed....

My intention was to post this pic on Friday, or if it was Sunday to post a pic with two completed Maya dresses in it, not quite all went to plan!!

Making the dress was fine, it was, as are all Patty's patterns - quick, easy to sew and well-written.

It was just the extra things that were planned for the weekend or that cropped up at the last minute that waylaid me from the task at hand; the work that had a Monday 9am deadline on it, the dinner with the basketball girls, football with my husband to watch the demise of my beloved Bulldogs and all the other little things that take time on the weekend.

Lara however was remarkable!
She took up the challenge to sew and made two Maya's on the weekend.

Thanks Lara for posting your finished dresses - I can honestly say I would not have stayed up to finish this if not for your success spurring me on!

Are there any patterns you've had lurking around your stash for ages that you haven't got around to trying??
How about we do them together?
Leave me a comment and perhaps if a few of us have somethng to try we can do it together in preparation for summer sewing - maybe starting in October?

Until then, I still have one more Maya to make tomorrow - wish me luck!

PS - will try to get a modelled pic of this tomorrow - it looks pretty bland just hanging on a hanger!


Miss Moo said...

Love the dress. I have so many patterns that I've been meaning to make - Oliver and S Ice Cream dress, the Feliz dress to name two....

Anonymous said...

You know that I really do need to make a Feliz dress or you need to make some more?

Kirsten said...

LOL - it's always those little things that crop up and take the time away from the project. The finished dresses look lovely!